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Notes on iPhone SiwrterUniversal 2018 3.6.4

Yes, it's finally here, but there are things you should know. The Accessibility settings can stop Siwiter totally. Please ensure that Speak Selection is disabled. Assistive Touch and Touch Accommodations should also all be disabled.
                 General > Accessibility > Speech > turn everything off here
                 General > Accessibility >Assistive Touch > turn everything off here
                 General > Accessibility >Touch Accommodations > turn everything off here

Watch it in action here. It still works on the iPad, in fact, much better than it used to. It is now far faster and more stable and also uses the latest Apple OS ( at the time of writing at least ).

Previous news....

2.0.2 available now !

SiWriter is back on the appstore - only slightly updated code - but what we have should work far better after four years of hardware development. Possibly even the newly introduced ( well, recently anyway ) partial haptic - PressHard/click feature may be usable as a nice solid confirmation your fingers are in the right place to at least. I have yet to experiment with that. As I type, Jan 31st, the App is not yet back on the store - but it will be there as soon as the powers that be accept it - and i pay for the privilege.

SiWriter PRO 2.0.2  is now at the lowest Appstore price - SiWriter standard is no longer available. A free version may be added at some point - or 2.0.2 may become free when a super new version is completed.

The Facebook site has user feedback and hints and tips, this page holds a history of the updates starting from the introduction of the Pro version.


More stability issues - compiled to run on iOS11. It should be faster. Please tell me ! 

Code for the apostrophe has been added to the help graphics. It was always possible, but I'd missed it out - sorry.


Small stability improvements. Returned to the AppStore on Jan 30th 2018


Since the announcement of the custom keyboard facility in iOS8, the SiWriter App as such will be obsolete - as soon as I write a SiWriter system keyboard ! - THIS HAS NOT HAPPEND... No time.

Development of SiWriter - the app - will end ( probably ) after the 1.5.9 release which is due shortly. I have started work on the system keyboard replacement - but, don't hold your breath !

I will attempt to give full price users a free version of the keyboard whn it is ready - no promises on that front yet as I'm not sure I can do it easily !

Please continue to send in your bug reports and comments - wish list requests and immense praise to the site :-)

Many thanks folks.


The five main finger pads or keys will highlight green when the letter hints are displayed. By default, they are off.


Continued speed improvements and operation in poor WiFi conditions

Version 1.5.1 Posted 11 Mar, 2014

This one can talk ! Use the Settings button to bring up a new option - Speech. Tap that to get a Word or Sentence selector - It will speak that... Orientation bug fix Updated icons - sharper.
*****************THIS VERSION HAS A BUG************* poor response, hanging in poor wifi reception areas

Version 1.4.2 Posted 6 Mar, 2014

Support for left-handers ! This is the world's first left hand enabled microwriter ( I think). 10S7 icons for more clear configuration settings. Stability and speed improvements. Less 'flashing' when tilting the iPad. Other cosmetic fixes.
- next release - Speech without cut and paste from one button.

Version 1.2.0 Posted 18 Feb, 2014

Repositioning of errant Settings button

Version 1.1.7 Posted 14 Feb, 2014

10S7 upgrades Toolbars Links Faster responces New instruction help page.

Version SiWriter Pro Vr Posted 8 Feb, 2014

Developer Simon Anthony Category Productivity
Rating Rated 4+ Compatibility Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad. Languages English

And now,
It talks !