SiWriter: an app for all

How to SiWrite - what chord codes to press.

The Siwriter uses mostly the same codes as the Cykey / AgendA and Microwriter  Copyright 2009 C.Rainey, P.Rainey, M.Rainey Some of the symbol codes have been altered due to the very different physical implementation of this app, but, here are the familiar main codes again...


Want to have a go now ? Here is a video and contact and purchase details for the CyKey.

CYCODE medium


This is a screenshot of the Free version.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 19 Feb 2014 11.28.50

You can add images as backgrounds

IMG 0097

Portrait modes can have a different image

IMG 0096

Instructions page in landscape, now accessed via a Hlep button on the new toolbar .

landscape instructions