SiWriter: an app for all

SiWriter outputs a character when you type its coded pattern or chord. The patterns are created by selecting combinations of the five main (green tinted) finger pad keys. To help you remember the patterns, try and imagine the shape of the character you want to type and visualise it outlined in the five main keys. Have a look at the Cykey site for further information. Here is a video of Microwriting on the CyKey.

Like the Cykey before it, the SiWriter reads the 'keys' or finger pad as they are pressed but only acts on the presses when the last one is released.

The images show the finger pad patterns for most of the codes available in SiWriter. These may well be expanded, but existing codes will not be changed.

SiWriter offers the user control over the finger pad positions. Everyone has different sized hands and the iPad has a different sized screen to the iPad mini, but there is no software method with which to tell them apart, so, on the iPad mini your hand may be too large for the default setting created for the full sized iPad. Now though, by bringing up the new 'Alter pads position' panel from the slider switch on the Settings page, you have access to Twist, move left or right and up and down options as well as the facility to make the pad height and width greater or smaller. You can control the size of gap between them too. The SiWriter will remember your settings until you to wipe the app or press Reset. Your settings will work in portrait and landscape mode.

There are ‘shift’ keys to change key outputs to ‘Capitals’, ‘Numbers’ or ‘Symbols’. By default, SiWriter is in lower case letter mode. To get an upper case letter, tap the Caps key once – an Orange dot shows - type a letter and it will be in caps, but the next letter will revert to lower case. Tapping twice will operate a Caps Lock, with a Green dot. Tap that key once to clear Caps Lock.

Similarly, for Numbers, tap the lower horizontal Nums key once – and an Orange dot appears. Again, tapping twice will operate a Num lock, with a Green dot, and another tap will clear it.

For Symbols lock, tap twice on both Shift keys, and get a light in both keys - or, press the new 'Symbols' pad. To clear Symbols mode, tap either the Number or Caps buttons once - or tap the Symbols button itself. To get back to standard behaviour remove all the dots.

The full range of IOS editing functions is also available as normal.  SiWriter typing will always continue from the end of the displayed text no matter where the standard cursor may be when you leave editing mode.

I have provided both a ‘schematic’ image and an ‘Actual keys to press guide’ because some people find one or the other confusing to look at for some reason.

The help page has the option to select, and set, an image for the background in both Landscape and Portrait orientations.

landscape instructions